Traveling with a “Not-so-Easy” Passport – Bee’s Buzz in an Interview

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It’s not very long ago that I decided to write about my travels to 40+ countries with hope to help someone out there looking for motivation or simply an idea for the next possible trip. Another big reason for me to share those experiences was to encourage other young women and men to see travel as a form of learning and try to visit the places and people unknown or different from yours.


It won’t always be easy, but you need to have that wish alive. Many times, it wasn’t absolutely smooth and easy for me as I have been traveling, so far, on a Pakistani passport and despite living in Germany for seven years, it is still sometimes tough for me to plan those travels due to visa issues, unlike most of my friends from Europe.


While I was sharing those experiences by being a new citizen of the blogging world, I met Alex from (initially via Instagram). It is incredible how this blogging world connects you with other people who are a constant source of motivation for you and suddenly you are connected to those mentors and peers (even if you have only known each other online). Alex and Sebastian’s travels are absolutely amazing and they went to the other side of the world (or you can say my side of the world) to discover the unknown (or wrongly known). They wanted to make their own judgement for the part of the world where I come from, while I did the reverse and wanted to break my myths for the part of the world that always felt so far off to me.


As Alex spent quite some months in Asia (specifically in South and South-East Asia), she understands the complexities that are faced by the people in that region when it comes to traveling abroad. For sure there is a money factor as you can’t always afford those travels, but on top of that there are the complex visa procedures and very often, permission from family.  And that became a reason for the interview that I did with Alex. I instantly thought that it is a great idea and the experience might help someone out there sharing the similar dreams. There was a strange feeling of happiness and sense of achievement when I was sharing those real-life stories in an interview.


The interview covers my journey from the very beginning – how I get started with traveling and never gave up ever since. I share my story of a Pakistani girl dreaming of travels, the experiences I had, what it taught me, how my views were changed, and how it made me the person I am today. The interview also sheds light on some of the tough aspects of traveling on a Pakistani passport even when you are living in Europe.


Always happy to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy traveling and keep buzzing 😉



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