Hey there! I am Beenish, originally from Pakistan and living in Munich, Germany with my husband and a cute little black pug called Lotta (I am sure you’re gonna meet her on the blog).

The travel bug has always been in me from the very beginning when I wanted to be an air hostess as a kid so that I can go around the world — true story ;). I traveled a lot within the country (Pakistan), but it wasn’t until I was 20 that I got a chance to travel outside the country. This was my trip to India (how cool right! – loved it!). And that was the beginning to the travels that made me the person I am today and this experience, I consider the most valuable by all means.

So now when I have been to 40+ countries and countless cities around the globe, I am very excited to share these experiences with you and help you plan your next travel journey. My focus will be to make it easy for you to plan your trips and get aspirations. I would try my best to cover all the necessary information so you do not have to read hundred different posts to plan one trip.

You can always contact me for more questions and for what you see missing on the blog. And if I have not been to the place of your dreams, I will try my best to find you another travel bee who can buzz you through.

So, let’s Bee-gin!

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